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What’s the Most Energy Efficient Window for My House?

Aluminum single hung windows are certainly one of the most common types of windows found in North American homes. They are simple to operate, easy to install and affordable even for the smallest of budgets. So why doesn’t everybody use these windows then? That’s because, like any building material, they have their strengths and their weaknesses-and being the most energy efficient isn’t one of its virtues. So what’s the best energy efficient window choice for […]

7 Tactics to Increase Blog Readership

So you’ve started your brand new blog huh? The excitement may not last long. After a few weeks or months, perhaps you’ve begun to experience burnout. Perhaps you like the feeling to be able to post your opinion on the Web, but writing becomes a chore rather than something fun to do on a regular basis. Readership may not grow at the rate that you think the blog is worth the effort. Sounds familiar? I […]